HF-35C Protective Cover

HF-35C Protective Cover

  • $28.00

Protect your RF Measuring Equipment with a Flexible soft cover - Works with All RF Detectors (RF Meters or RF Analyzers / RF Analysers): HF32D, HF35C, HFE35C, HF38B, HFW35C, HF59B, HFE59B, HFW59D, HFEW59D (Black in Colour / Color)

Safeguard your RF Measuring Equipment Investment - Add a Protective Cover to your RF Tool Kit

The Protective Cover will:

  • Custom fit any Gigahertz Solutions RF Analyzer, RF Analyser, RF Detector
  • Improve handling and grip
  • Protects your RF Analyzer from bumps, minor drops and rough handling

 Made From Silicone

  • Available in black for the HF - RF Meter Series
  • Supplied with the HFE59B but optional for all other HF Series Meters

Know for sure what RF levels you are being exposed to…

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