a) eliminated from our environments, which is very difficult to do, or

b) they have to be transformed from their chaotic condition into an orderly harmony.

Orderly harmony = pro-survival.

This frequency principle refers to products we eat and drink and the products we use in our daily life. We are surrounded by lots of good energies and a lot of extreme and chaotic energies. This principle even applies to personal relationships. Have you ever encountered a ‘toxic personality’?

The average person finds Counter-Survival Frequencies difficult or impossible to detect. We are all equally influenced by them.

We live in an age of high-technology. However, most of what we like to call progress are very questionable in its health effects. We tend to ignore those effects because we measure progress by how much money we can make or save or how much entertainment value we receive from technology. The health or genetic influences of these “great inventions” are rarely questioned. Indeed, some industries go to great lengths to cover up the negative effects of their technologies on the environment and human health i.e., Cell Phones and Electric Cars. Only after the harmful effects accumulate and their presence becomes overwhelming is action normally taken.