His Kingdom Comes in Power: Book 1 - The Battle.



His Kingdom Comes In Power Book Series
Copyright © 2017 by Jessie Czebotar

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Special thanks go to:
The Lord Jesus Christ who’s Words set ablaze the Scriptural
studies that lead to the making of this book and his
command to me one morning to share those studies with all
of you.
My dearest friend Heather whose impeccable questions
about my life and work as a Chaplain stirred and
encouraged me to live my faith as a warrior for Christ with
Also to my mother who in love shared the Gospel with me
and whose steadfast faithfulness to God taught me to follow
the Lord wherever He goes; even enduring through the
roughest of unseen battles.
And last but not least, great gratitude goes to all my dear
brothers and sisters in Christ who graciously endured
through the writing and editing process of this book with
me. Your feedback and insights were priceless to me.
Book 1
The Battle
Prelude by Jessie Czebotar
1. Is Anyone Prepared
2. The Battle Begins
3. The Battle Around Us
4. The Enemy Arises
5. What the Battles About
6. Is Satan Real?
7. Why I Believe Satan is Real
8. Satan is at Work
9. Satan’s Tactics: Taking the Word of God from Our Hearts
10. Satan’s Tactics: Bombarding Our Relationship with Christ
11. Satan’s Tactics: Destruction of the Body of Christ
12. Satan’s Tactics: False Prophets
13. Satan’s Tactics: False Elders
14. Satan’s Tactics: False Shepherds
15. Satan Takes Captives
16. The Land of Darkness
17. The Chains of Bondage
18. Shackles of Darkness Broken Away
19. The Promise of Life
Book 1: His Kingdom Comes with Power: The Battle