Crystal Water Bottles

Crystal Water, also known as Gem Water, Elixirs, Essences and Remedies, are a great way to use the energy of your crystals. The water easily absorbs the energetic vibration of the crystals, opening various possibilities of how to use crystal energy. You can spray Black Tourmaline water around a space to clear negative energy or put Amethyst water on your skin to clear acne. Drinking Clear Quartz water helps to balance the body and drinking Aragonite can be useful for sore muscles. Amber and Moss Agate water is useful when you feel yourself coming down with a cold. Before making any crystal water, you should check the Crystal Cautions guide and make sure that the crystal is safe to place directly in the water. If the crystal is toxic, you will need to make your water by using the indirect method. Here is a video we have on making elixirs.