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Copper Peptide Serum - Quantum Youth Drops - with love, by Brendi Wells

Copper Peptide Serum - Quantum Youth Drops - with love, by Brendi Wells

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Quantum Youth Drops - Copper Peptide Serum 

with Apple Stem Cell & Argireline

Benefits of copper peptides in skincare

The benefits of copper peptides in skincare have been documented.

Copper peptides have the ability to work below the epidermis or outer layer of skin. This is why peptides are able to help generate elastin in collagen deep within skin tissues.

Overall, copper has been studied Trusted Source in terms of anti-aging effects on the skin. Here are some of the most promising benefits of copper peptides in skincare.

Copper's role in connective tissue is linked to the enzyme lysyl oxidase. From a biochemical perspective, copper is a cofactor for the enzyme and a determinant of its activity in connective tissues. Lysyl oxidase catalyzes post-translational oxidation of certain lysine and hydroxylysine residues. The peptidyl aldehydes so formed become active centers for the formation of cross-links in collagen and elastin. Less well understood is how copper controls the steady-state activity of lysyl oxidase; the enzyme fails in copper deficiency. Giving copper to a deprived animal increases lysyl oxidase activity in aortic tissue. Such activation in vivo appears to require caeruloplasmin.

Suspending aortic tissue in a copper-enriched growth medium also activates lysyl oxidase provided that tissue structure is kept intact. Activation in vitro occurs with the binding of copper to a large-molecular-weight component, presumably the enzyme. Binding will not occur if protein synthesis is blocked. These studies clearly show that the synthesis of mature elastin and collagen can be controlled by the availability of copper. They further suggest that the transport of copper to aortic tissue and its engagement to lysyl oxidase are linked to the synthesis of lysyl oxidase, an extracellular carrier, or both.

Reduced appearance of wrinkles

Studies of copper peptides have shown that they can help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by increasing collagen proteins.

Over time, collagen may help to “plump up” your skin, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Firmer skin

In addition to increased collagen production, copper peptides are also said to help boost elastin proteins. This may help create firmer and smoother skin.

Evens skin tone

Copper peptides stand out from other types of peptides because of their ability to potentially repair your skin and even out your skin tone.

It’s thought that copper peptides may potentially remove damaged connective tissues from your skin while adding new ones at the same time. This may reduce the appearance of:

  • sunspots (also called age spots)
  • acne scars
  • other causes of uneven skin tone

Antioxidant effects

Copper peptides may also have antioxidant effects on the skin, which may reduce inflammation and prevent further damage. GHK-Cu has also been reported to decrease the risk of infections.

Copper peptides serum

Copper peptides are most prominent in serum form.

To use it for hair growth, apply several drops of the serum to your scalp. Gently massage it in with your fingertips. Do not rinse it off.

For skin concerns, incorporate your copper peptides serum into your skincare routine in the following order:

  1. cleanser
  2. toner
  3. copper peptides serum
  4. sunscreen (in the morning)
  5. cream or moisturizing lotion (in the morning or in the afternoon or evening)

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